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December 2018
October 2019

Immersive storytelling done right.

With more than 70.000 visitors from over 60 countries, iba is the world-leading trade fair for baked goods. In close cooperation with iba we developed an immersive omni-channel virtual reality experience that is specifically aimed at enhancing the iba brand experience. Achieving an average viewing time of 13 minutes and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, the project became a great success.

In order to continue to position the trade fair as a relevant medium in the future, we are working together closely with iba to create a comprehensive and coherent brand experience. Our goal: To anchor iba 2018 in the minds of visitors as an innovative platform for mutual exchange among global thought leaders of the industry.


Trade fairs connect people and thus empower unique international communities in an increasingly interconnected business world, making them more relevant than ever. That's what made us really passionate about using VR to elevate the experience to the next level.

The iba look

We created custom imagery and videos for each of the 6 select locations, capturing the spirit and look of each city. The content was used for digital signage and during promotion.

20.000 Kilometers,

5 Countries, 6 Cities.

What makes iba unique is its exceptional international reach. Every three years, people from all over the world travel to Munich, eager to see the newest innovations in baking. After numerous planning trips to thoroughly assess over 35 potential locations and facilities, we chose 6 locations that would best represent the iba network through their outstanding work.

San Francisco.

To tell the stories of our showcase bakers, we visited six select bakeries in the USA, Greece, Iceland, Austria and Germany in close cooperation with the exhibition team. Within two months, more than 1000 hours of 360° video material in 3D were created. To support the storytelling approach, we furthermore produced detailed unscripted interviews and documentary content.
The content was eventually presented to the users using one of the first Oculus Go Apps on the market, creating an immersive experience that offers unique and direct user interaction features.

We set out to create an experience that was aimed at inspiring and exciting a supersaturated target group. Using VR, the visitors experienced the stories on a whole new emotional level, allowing for unparalleled authenticity.

A memorable experience.

Creating immersive VR-Tours.



You're in charge.

Giving control to the viewer.

The visitors create their own journey independently and can dive deeply into the stories of the respective bakers if desired. The result is an emotional experience in which visitors can actively explore and discover the stories for themselves. The industry's greatest talents come into direct contact with the viewers and are given space for their stories and ideas. Active storytelling allows deep insights into the context and everyday life of our six talents and involves the audience directly and emotionally at every point of the experience.



> 3000


"We set out to create an experience that instantly captures the audience and hence creates emotion that is deeply connected to the iba brand. Giving the viewer active control over the app has allowed us to engage with the user even more."

Alexander Dohr

Art Director, exutec

Truly Global

Using all of the channels available across the trade-fair, we conveyed our message in more than eight languages.


By allowing the users to decide which tours to watch, we achieved industry-leading watch times of more than ten minutes per viewer.

Fast On-Boarding

We managed to achieve on-boarding times of less than one minute by using proven UI patterns and skilled instructors.


Let's spread the word.

Building sustained interest.

Experiencing their own tailored journey provided over 3000 visitors with an unprecedented, astonishing and inspiring perspective on their profession that elevates the iba brand experience in a unique and memorable way amidst a glutted marketing landscape. As part of an integrated content concept, the entire fairgrounds and all online channels were supplied with coordinated content-packages in order to further elevate the narrative of iba VBT project. Thus, the iba VBT project was able to stand out from the crowd and furthermore cement iba's thought leadership.


More than 95% of users recommend the iba VBT experience on the spot to other visitors and spent more than 10 minutes on average exploring the Oculus Go headsets.

Within only a few hours the exhibition stand turned into a major attraction at the  trade fair and was intensively discussed in social media. Due to the unforgettable VR experience, iba 2019's narrative focussing on innovation became the trade fair's emotional centerpiece that built sustainable and authentic buzz within the industry.


The story doesn't end.

A look at the possibilities.

For us, the iba virtual bakery tours project has once more proven the immense potential of immersive storytelling and brand experiences. We're convinced there's no better way to emotionally engage and stun people than involving them directly with the story through the means of VR and AR technologies. Doing so allowed us to convey the iba message in a way that has never been seen before and felt much more personal than any other medium. We're excited to continue our deep dive and create more digital success stories. If our ideas got you thinking, be sure to hit us up.

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